Saturday, January 16, 2010

TheMes of Jack - You don't know Jack and neither does he, but we are learning what we love, then living it

Intro to Jack's Many Mes

Hello, this is Jack in China and in your eyes, but I hope not in-your-face.

I promise I’ll try to be more graceful than that – something closer to a mirror you don’t notice when you like what you see. Welcome to my first blog that I hope I will not have to flog, although the curious and more independent Mule of Me that has the task of carrying my enlarged mind (large with what is a fair question) here is sometimes unrideable, and unreadable, too.

“The truth knows if you tripped over it or tried to kick it away.” Jack

I begin by quoting one of my selves as I will tend to be doing in this blog. You might ask, “One of your selves?” And I reply, “Yes, one of the many Mes”. Here I hope you’ll note my love at playing with words in the title of my blog that works so well to point to who I am. I separate Themes into The Mes to flap a flag and step a footnote toward your eye of wonder to make it wander into the many Trades and Ways of Jack, master of, and mastered by, none.

My intention here is to explore and express the many Mes I have found Jack to be. At last reckoning there were around 150 and still counting. I can give a new meaning to the psychobabble, medicalizing label of multi personality which I’ll claim is an “order” rather than a “disorder” – although, I admit, my life may appear chaotic to some outside eyes including a few of my Mes!

Warning! You can skip what’s below and go (collect 200 dollars worth of non-dithering prose) straight to my first TheMe written by one of my more serious Mes.

So, if you are reading these want (better adjective that the one that rhymes with Is) ants of words busy bustling to track your eyes’ Eternal Yes (smarting with the Smog of Unknowing or otherwise trialed and tribulated with constant but Ephermal Nos), I hope and trust you find your time and energy have made a profitable trade with me and that my contemplations can be of some nourishment even if my metaphors are of a cat’s breakfast’s kind (which re-minds me – and I’m always, it seems, being re-minded, something akin to a worn tire being re-treaded – of e.e. cummings’ “pity this busy monster, manunkind” and Plato’s admonishment to always be kind to others because everyone is fighting a hard battle inside and could do with a little piece of peace from you).

Here’s what I want to do with you and me (which, by, or along the Way, etymology – another passionate love – allows a deeper understanding of the word theme, which means: “something set down; to put, to do”): turn this page into a playground of shared ideas and a bed of conceptual intercourse (sure, take your pick), since I agree with my self-selected intellectual godfather, Eric Hoffer, that minds are not chaste and they copulate whenever they meet.

So let’s turn this “discourse” (a word I have abandoned to the PostMods like “liberal” was abandoned to what was left and over of freedom in America) into an “intercourse” and make some Whoopee while thinking with Socrates what third party we can celebrate into Being that contains the best of us both.

Ok, enough of pro- or con- or re-gressions of non-repressions (his Id-Entity as part of his Identity), down to Jack’s Tacks to try (ouch!) and pin some meaning to the hard, cold, black night of the Void as stars do (and I’m not referring to Holy Hollywood here).


TheMe 1:

A Libertarian AS IF Thought Experiment – The First and Last Freedom Where All Else Is Permitted

The 4F, Free-From-Force-Field:

Explaining the Most Fundamental Freedom Necessary to Free Humanity

Curtains part on the IMAX screen of your imagination.


The year is 2100. Your 4F switch is on and your Free-From-Force-Field activated. It had been coming increasingly over the last few miniarches of the momentum leaps, yet when it arrived it still stunned most and left a wound of wonder in the center of the Great Question. Our Psience, as so often before, stumbled over the truth, but this time knew enough to stop and be examined by it. It was all so simply complex and complexly simple. We knew each of the 50 trillion or so individual cells of the human body possessed a biomechanical energy equal to the four forces at all levels of the Universal Demonstration. The trick was to release each cell’s energy transform at the turn of wave into particle and direct that process progressively throughout all the cells and then gather and store that tremendous power for human use.


Never mind how it happened. Call it God or Evolution, Plan or Chance. No one can physically harm you. Knives, bullets, bombs, missiles, lasers…absolutely nothing can penetrate the force field that surrounds your body. And you cannot physically harm another. Everyone on earth at birth is protected by a Free-From-Force-Field known simply as the 4F with a grin for the now defunct military meaning. Further, whatever you touch – so long as it was not already the property of another human being – automatically becomes yours and is protected by your 4F. Everything else remains the same and yet is completely changed.


Ponder this pure IF lifted out of life: IF no one can resort to the threat, or use, of physical force but everything else is permitted, how would we live our lives? My answer is easy: we would live our lives as we do now in 2010, by trading personal values for personal values. But we would do so freely, voluntarily, knowing that in the first and last instance, no one can force us to do anything we don’t chose to do. Released from the murderous matrix of human violence, we are now free for whatever it is that humans can do with each other when unable to reenact Cain and Able.

What would society be like if this happened? For a joyous start, there would be no need for The State or any other coercive collectives. No self-elected, or democratically elected, Tyrants or Saviors on any level could exist. Freedom from physical force is the final solution into which all human problems will be dissolved, and thus, never again arise to be solved.

All human problems – physical survival, limited resources, control, power, ownership – these and thousands of others, we attempt to solve by resorting, finally or at first, to physical force. The solutions we destructively create and impose – wars, the State, crime – all go on to create even more problems that call for more solutions that breed more problems…Humanity’s Hall of Horrors.

To Recap: Explaining the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom

My "Make Believe Story" is intended to explain the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom and what it could mean to humanity if everyone lived it. The first and last freedom – the one freedom from which all other freedoms issue – is this: to be free from one, single specific human action – which is, physical force or threat of it (the initiation of force – this does not include self-defense). Then, everything is permitted – everyone is free to do what they want to do. Once every human being lived this First and most Fundamental Freedom, then humanity could truly begin to creatively answer the Great Question: What are humans for?

I want to convince you that once you agree with my basic starting point for human action, then all the other difficult, contentious and confusing problems of humanity are dissolved within this most primary solution. Then you are free to do and be whatever you choose and allow others that same, infinite freedom.

Selah and Scire Licit.